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Welcome to Henley Court

This page contains information about living in Henley Court and is intended to give new and established residents some basic information about the property, and to provide a helpful reference. If you feel key information is missing, please let us know for future consideration.


Residents are responsible for obtaining their own Contents Insurance.

Alterations and Renovations

Under the terms of your lease, you are obliged to apply to the Freeholder and Henley Court RTM Company Ltd for permission to carry out alterations. If you do carry out alterations without the proper permissions, you could be required to reinstate to the original condition.


Living in flats involves co-operation and consideration on the part of all residents since we share communal areas and facilities and all live in close proximity to our neighbours. Therefore, please do not cause undue noise or nuisance to your neighbours or in the general neighbourhood. This applies to you as the resident and anyone else living with you or visiting you. Please treat others around you, as you would wish to be treated. 

All residents of Henley Court have the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property, and the provisions of the lease support this. Common sense demands that we show respect for our neighbours.

  • Noise should be contained within the confines of the individual flat. All doors should be closed quietly, please keep noise to a minimum between 10 pm and 8 am.
  • Be considerate when entering or leaving the premises late at night and early morning.
  • Use audio devices such as the radio and television, with consideration and keep the volume to a minimum.
  • Washing machines tumble dryers and vacuum cleaners or similar appliances should not be used between 10 pm and 8 am.

DIY and renovation work should be carried out during the daytime or early evening. Please let your neighbours know if you are planning any work that will be noisy. The common areas must not be used as workplaces; all work should be carried out within the confines of your flat.

If you have a concern about nuisance or anti-social behaviour, in the first instance try to deal with the matter by discussing it in a polite and tactful way with the person causing the nuisance. It is possible that the person does not realise that they, or a member of their family, are causing a disturbance. If need be, please contact a Director of Henley Court RTM Company Ltd for advice.


If you own or rent a Garage or Carport you should make every endeavour to use that space for its intended purpose.

Residents who do not have access to a Garage or Carport do not have the right to park elsewhere within Henley Court, and may only do so subject to one of the unallocated car parking spaces being available. 

The unallocated parking spaces are available on a first come first served basis. If a space is not available then please park offsite. Persons not resident in Henley Court including visitors are not entitled to make use of any parking space.

Residents are responsible for their visitor's parking; visitors should be encouraged to park offsite.

Residents are not allowed to use car-parking areas to carry out repairs, as this can be a nuisance to other residents. These areas should not be used for storing caravans, motor homes boats or trailers.

Where there are several vehicles to a flat, no more than one should be parked in the unallocated spaces others should be parked in an allocated space (Garage or Carport) or parked off-site.

It cannot be stressed too strongly that free access is essential on internal roadways at all times. In the event of sudden illness or fire, emergency vehicles must have unimpeded access to each block. Please do not park across the entrance doorway or in such a way as to make access and egress through the front door difficult, wheelchair and or stretcher access may be required.

Double parking, parking on pavements, flowerbeds, and verges and in front of wheelie bin stores, garages and carports is strictly forbidden.


It is against the terms of your lease to dry or air laundry on balconies or to use them for storage.

Electricity and gas meters

Electricity and gas meters are located in cupboards on the ground floor in each block under the main staircase. These cupboards must not be used for storage and should be locked at all times. Each flat has a key to these cupboards to allow access for meter reading, or maintenance.

Cold Water main

Water usage is metered for individual flats the water meter is in the paved area located outside each block. The stopcock is situated in the same location.


External and internal painting of the communal areas is the responsibility of the Board and is financed from the Service Charge. Internal decoration of flats is the responsibility of each lessee.


Domestic pets are only allowed within the complex provided they cause no annoyance to other residents.

Rubbish and Recycling

General Household Rubbish is to be placed in the black bin that is kept in the bin store allocated to each flat. Residents should manage their own bin that should be placed outside on collection days (Tuesday every fortnight) and returned to the bin store when emptied. Black bins and the bin stores should be cleaned to avoid infestation and foul smells.

Recyclable Materials should be placed in the appropriate communal wheelie bins.

Under no circumstances should rubbish be left on the ground beside the wheelie bins or outside the bin stores. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and no recyclable rubbish should be bagged. For more information call 01473 432099 or visit

Larger Household Items Fridges/Freezers Washing Machines and TV'S etc residents should arrange for bulky collections via 01473 433090 or If the item is re-useable then Ipswich furniture project may collect free of charge 01473 404004, items may also be collected by the many charity shops in the area. Items can also be taken to one of the council recycling centres by the resident where it will be disposed of free of charge. On no account may residents leave large items outside the bin stores or next to the wheelie bins, or within the internal - external common arrears which would create an eyesore and a cost (Council disposal) to Henley Court RTM Company Ltd.

If builders are working at your flat, they must arrange for the removal of their refuse at the end of each day.


Since 2007, the internal communal areas of a block of flats must be smoke-free by law.  Therefore residents must not smoke in the internal common arrears. Residents who smoke in the internal communal areas can be prosecuted by the local authority.

External porches must be smoke-free; consequently, all residents and their guests are requested not to use the porch areas of the buildings as a smoking area. Please do not discard cigarette butts to the ground as this creates an eyesore, extra work for maintenance, as well as being disrespectful to your neighbour's environment.

Your landlord and Henley Court RTM Company Ltd have a duty to prevent anyone from smoking in the communal parts of each block.

Communal areas

Residents need to keep communal areas free from anything that may present as an obstacle, a tripping hazard or is combustible. These items include fixtures rugs and furniture, floral displays, and personal belongings. No items may be left in communal areas including mobility scooters, bikes, motorbikes, prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs, etc. or anything else which may impede exit or access during a fire evacuation or any other emergency. We will ensure that these areas are kept clear of hazards and will take enforcement action against persistent offenders.

The common areas both internal and external are not a safe or appropriate place for children’s games. While in the common areas, children should be supervised at all times.

In the event of a fire or loss of the main electrical supply, emergency lighting is fitted to all the communal areas, which will help to guide you to safety.

Fire precautions

Familiarise yourself with escape routes and fit legally compliant smoke alarms in your property. Further guidance can be found here

If a fire breaks out in your flat, your safety and the safety of your neighbours may depend upon the following instructions, which are therefore very important:

In the event of a fire

The Fire Brigade recommends:

Leave the affected room at once and close the door.

Do not stay behind and attempt to put out the fire.

Alert occupants of other rooms of the flat, and your neighbours.

Leave the flat, closing the front door and give the alarm, and remember balconies form part of an escape route.

Call the fire brigade by dialling 999 or 112.

Storing hazardous materials

You should not store hazardous materials within your property including garages and bin stores or in communal areas, including bottled gas, paraffin, petrol or other dangerous materials.

Antisocial behaviour

We want to make sure that Henley Court is a pleasant and safe place to live. Therefore, we will not tolerate any antisocial behaviour (ASB) by our residents, members of their household, their visitors or pets.

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