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A proposal for a “garden suburb scheme” boasting more than 1,000 new homes on the outskirts of Ipswich has moved a step closer.

Outline planning permission had already been granted to build the 1,100 new homes at the Henley Gate site, south of Lower Road in Westerfield, by Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk Council.

Now developer Crest Nicholson has submitted a detailed application for approval, which includes proposals for a”country park”.

The 24.5 hectare country park is planned to act as a buffer to nearby Westerfield, offering walkers and cyclists an “attractive” and “tidy” leisure spot, while also offering views from the planned new homes.

It will include footpaths, cycle routes, benches, viewing platforms and “doggy dipping pools”, while aiming to help secure biodiversity in the local area.

Vehicular access to the country park would be provided via Westerfield Road.

Westerfield Parish Council has welcomed the plans and said it is pleased to see the inclusion of the country park. However, it raised serious concerns over the “grossly underestimated” impact of traffic on the village and how it will affect local roads.

Other parish councils have echoed concerns over traffic flow, while fears have also been raised over flood risks, with the site encompassing part of the Westerfield Brook.

The plans form part of a wider move to build 3,500 homes in the area, with land north of Bromeswell Road also earmarked for developed on or after 2021.

A “local centre” providing 250sqm of convenience floor space is also included in the plans, as is provision to build a primary school and sports facilities.

Speaking earlier this year, a Crest Nicholson spokesman said the firm was “delighted” the plans were moving forward.

The spokesman added the development will “cement” investment in the area and create significant contributions to local infrastructure while remaining “sensitive” to the local environment.

Ipswich Garden Suburb

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